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100% Natural Catnip for Cats

Here is our Natural Catnip: a formulation that is all stem, flower and leaves combo, so no artificial compositions interfere with your cat’s health. These herbs are sourced from the mint species, and are harvested correctly when they’re filled with essential oils.
After this they are dried, cut and packed, to give them a long shelf life and your cat the chances to savor them for long. Perfect for cats of all ages, the Natural Catnip formulation is not only healthy but also long-lasting.
Size: 15g in per bag/ Customized


  Naturally Stimulating

  Thanks to the one natural component.

NO colourant

Keeps Them Active

Perfect repeat treats.

About Natural Catnip for Cats

Here are some of our best and healthiest repeat reward treats for your cat. They are all natural with a composition that includes a stem, leaves and flower blend, making them an excellent treat to keep your cat active.

These herbs are part of the mint species and are reaped at the crowning of the essential oil stage, dried, and packed. Therefore, these are 100% natural treats for your cat.



      Leaves, flowers &stem blend


Feeding guidelines:   

● This product is intended for complementary food for cat only.

● Feed one treat per day. Not suitable for dogs less than 6 months of age.

● Fresh drinking water should be always available and monitor your cat to ensure the treat 

is adequately chewed.Gulping any item can be harmfulor even fatal to a cat.

● The product may stain carpets and light coloured fabrics.

● Not for human consumption.

● Store in the dry and cool place.