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  • HOWBONE Snacks for Dogs Mini Bone 270g Mix Flavor
    These HOWBONE Snacks for dogs are nutritious and wholesome, with a handful of the flavors your pet loves!
    Our recipe only includes natural ingredients and extra chondroitin sulphate nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and glucosamine, which promote your pet’s wellness. Besides, these snacks do not comprise artificial preservatives, salt or sugar.
    So, if your furry friend loves to chew, you should try out these highly digestible dog snacks!
  • 270g HOWBONE Small Dog Bone Mix Flavor
    Your dog will love the hearty flavors we have used to prepare these incredibly delicious snacks. These HOWBONE small dog bone snacks are perfectly designed to suit your dog courtesy of its natural ingredients and holistic blend of minerals, vitamins, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulphate nutrients.
    Why? To undeniably boost your pet’s health and lifestyle. Its lack of added sugar, salt, or any artificial preservatives makes it a healthy addition for your pup. Therefore, this highly digestible and nutritious formula is ideal for dogs that like chewing.
  • HOWBONE Lamb Flavor Twist Stick Dog Snack 270g
    Here are our HOWBONE Dog Snacks treats, perfectly composed to meet your dog’s nutritional needs, and tickle his taste buds.
    This composition is prepared with all natural contents, with a handful of useful nutrients like minerals, vitamins, glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate nutrients, for a perfectly healthy lifestyle.
    Best part, they include no artificial preservatives, sugar or salt. Overall, this is a nutritious, tasty and extremely digestible formulation for your furry friend.
  • HOWBONE 200g Bacon Flavor Twist Roll Dog Snack
    Give your furry friend a taste of our bacon flavor Twist Roll, and he won’t crave another treat during training.
    Crafted for the wellness of your dog, these snacks do not include any grains, but have all the savory flavors pets usually like. The Twist Rolls are incredibly delectable with natural Rawhide, with a crunchy exterior and soft and juicy interior. What’s more, the calcium supports strong bone and teeth, while the digestive system has a smooth time thanks to the Prebiotics (MOS).
    These are chewy, tasty, and long-lasting chews because of the inclusion of Rawhide, which helps to also clean their teeth as they chew.
  • HOWBONE Dog Snack Just Pure Star Bites 75g
    Nothing beats the crunchy exterior and soft interior of the HOWBONE star bites. These dog treats are prepared with the nourishing flavors that pets usually love, making your furry friend happy and content with every bite.
    The composition includes two ingredients like the meaty flavors pets love and this combination helps to keep him full until it's time for their next meal. The easily digestible ingredients soothe the digestive system, while the low-fat content guarantees he doesn’t get satisfied when training.
  • HOWBONE 75g Chicken Flavor Dental Stick Dog Snacks
    These are healthy snacks, formulated to keep your dog happy and healthy, but explicitly composed for training.
    They also have a unique shape and chew-friendly consistency to help sooth his gums and clean the teeth. Moreover, the contents are soluble hence will go easy on his gut. They have the chicken flavor that dogs usually love, and can’t resist!
  • HOWBONE Just Pure Dog Snack Rocker Bone 75g
    Choose our HOWBONE Just Pure dog snacks with all the flavors dogs normally love. We prepared these snacks with your dog’s health in mind. The alluring design and incredibly tasty flavors will make your pet keep coming back for more snacks.
    The contents are soluble thus friendly to the digestive system, while the milky taste makes them delicious. Reward your pet once in a while with our delectable and nourishing treats.

    These taste challenge reward dogs can’t resist!!! INCREDIBLE IN EVERY WAY!.
  • HOWBONE – Mix Fruity Flavored Just Pure Dog Snack, 75g
    Invest in your pet’s health by buying him our Just Pure dog snacks. This mix fruity snacks include some of the healthy and delicious flavors he will love!
    To keep your pet nourished and happy, these snacks are soft and have a delectable fruity flavor. Also since these are the perfect playtime snacks, they are highly soluble, hence your pet will digest them easily and fast.
    These are great for your furry friend!
  • Howbone Prime Jerky Dog Treats
    Brief: Your furry friend deserves the Howbone Prime Jerky Dog Snacks. They are delicious treats made with quality meat to protect your pet's well-being. They contain real chicken meat and have a mouthwatering taste.
    Your pet also gets vitamins and minerals from these healthy snacks, ensuring overall nutrition. They are nutritious and the flavor alone will have your dog running to you and obeying instructions during training because the reward is mouthwatering!
  • HOWBONE How Chewy Dog Snack Milk Flavor Bars
    The HOWBONE snacks for dogs include mouthwatering ingredients and flavors that also have incredible health benefits for your dog.
    Considering these treats are for playtime and training, they include a few ingredients, like calcium and phosphorus to support strong bones and teeth. Moreover, they are a tasty formulation, so much so, your pet won’t want to stop chewing them.
  • HOWBONE How Chewy Dog Treats Hip & Joint Support
    Satisfy your pet’s craving for tasty, and healthy treats with our HOWBONE How Chewy snacks. With the perfect ingredients to promote your dog’s health, and a chewy-friendly feel to keep his teeth clean, he will have a wonderful time chewing these amazing treats!
    The recipe includes okra and rose hip, to support hip and joint health, so your furry friend can play more! Besides, if your pet is sensitive, you will both appreciate that this is a hypoallergenic formulation, prepared to keep your pet’s digestive tract comfortable and healthy.
  • HOWBONE How Chewy Dog Snacks 70g
    Our appetizing, nutrient-filled and incredibly wholesome How Chewy treats are the best treats for your dog!
    The chewy feel helps clean your pet’s teeth as they chew; and the soft texture makes it more enticing for him to want to chew more. The ingredient includes seaweed and coconut oil for a healthier coat and skin.
    Also, these treats are extremely digestible, tasty and nutritious.
  • HOWBONE Green Tea Dog Snack Bar
    Treat your dog to chewy HOWBONE Dog Snack, which have a tasty green tea flavor. These chewy snack bars are also great for gum health, helping your pet exercise the jaw.
    They contain few ingredients, so you do not have to worry about filler components. The bar design used in making this snack helps massage your dog’s gums as it chews and enjoys the flavor.
  • HOWBONE Dog Snack 2-in-1 Twist Stick
    Our Twist Stick Snacks are an excellent addition to your dog’s diet. These are healthy, delicious treats prepared using the tasty savor dogs crave.
    The main ingredient here is premium goat milk, and a combination of fruit & veggie. Moreover, the formulation also comprises calcium for strong teeth and bones. The inclusion of taurine will aid with brain development.
    The completely natural recipe does not have any artificial preservatives or sugar.
  • HOWBONE Mushroom Lamb Training Bite for Dogs
    Training is more fun with dog bites like the HOWBONE Mushroom Lamb Bites. They are made with real meat and vegetables, providing a mouthwatering, healthy treat for your four-legged friend.
    You can also give it the bites at other times apart from training. These bites are delicious, safe for dogs, and come in an elegant jar.
  • HOWBONE Training Bite Dog Snack with Pawpaw, Coconut & Chicken
    This is a 200g package of nutrient-packed dog snacks made from healthy and hearty savor your pet will appreciate. These snacks are made from natural ingredients with the priority being to promote dental health and boost your dog’s immunity.
    These treats are made using meat and real fruit, to give your pet a burst of energy, any time of the day. Also, there is no grain in this formulation, so it’s perfect even for the pet with a sensitive tummy.
    Let your pet go wild from time to time with our incredibly savory training bites.
  • HOWBONE Vege & Sea Food Dog Training Bites
    Available in an elegant jar, these Dental Sticks are a worthwhile purchase for your dog’s teeth and gum health. They contain limited ingredients for the benefit of pets and offer an amazing flavor for your furry friend.
    These dental stick training bites are wonderful for training your four-legged buddy and help keep it strong with enhanced immunity. The vegetable and seafood combo provides nutrition for dogs, promoting overall well-being.
  • HOWBONE Dog Snack Dental Stix with Meaty Blend Flavor & Milk
    Our Dental Stix are the perfect treats for your dog! They help clean teeth and make your pet’s breath fresh through their nubs and ridges. Also, thanks to the highly soluble ingredients, these treats are good for gut health.
    The Dental Stix also promotes strong gums and teeth and boosts his immunity. Made with milk and meat, your pet will have a wonderful time relishing in these treats. Besides, the ingredients are ideal for training time, thanks to the calcium and proteins to promote his overall health.