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  • HOWBONE Just Pure Dog Snack Rocker Bone 75g
    Choose our HOWBONE Just Pure dog snacks with all the flavors dogs normally love. We prepared these snacks with your dog’s health in mind. The alluring design and incredibly tasty flavors will make your pet keep coming back for more snacks.
    The contents are soluble thus friendly to the digestive system, while the milky taste makes them delicious. Reward your pet once in a while with our delectable and nourishing treats.

    These taste challenge reward dogs can’t resist!!! INCREDIBLE IN EVERY WAY!.
  • HOWBONE 75g Chicken Flavor Dental Stick Dog Snacks
    These are healthy snacks, formulated to keep your dog happy and healthy, but explicitly composed for training.
    They also have a unique shape and chew-friendly consistency to help sooth his gums and clean the teeth. Moreover, the contents are soluble hence will go easy on his gut. They have the chicken flavor that dogs usually love, and can’t resist!
  • HOWBONE Dog Snack Just Pure Star Bites 75g
    Nothing beats the crunchy exterior and soft interior of the HOWBONE star bites. These dog treats are prepared with the nourishing flavors that pets usually love, making your furry friend happy and content with every bite.
    The composition includes two ingredients like the meaty flavors pets love and this combination helps to keep him full until it's time for their next meal. The easily digestible ingredients soothe the digestive system, while the low-fat content guarantees he doesn’t get satisfied when training.
  • HOWBONE – Mix Fruity Flavored Just Pure Dog Snack, 75g
    Invest in your pet’s health by buying him our Just Pure dog snacks. This mix fruity snacks include some of the healthy and delicious flavors he will love!
    To keep your pet nourished and happy, these snacks are soft and have a delectable fruity flavor. Also since these are the perfect playtime snacks, they are highly soluble, hence your pet will digest them easily and fast.
    These are great for your furry friend!