• 80g Lamb Flavor Twist Stick Puppy Snack
    This is for the pups that love natural treats. They have the right bite size, hence ideal for repeat rewards. This combined with the lamb flavor, will keep your pup active during training.
    The Twist Stick snacks are also healthy training treats, with some of the hearty flavors dogs usually appreciate. The composition includes taurine to promote the growth of his brain and sight health, while the combination of extra vitamins and minerals helps complete this wholesome package of delicious treats for your pup.
  • 40g Meat Zip Bone Dog Treats
    Brief: The meat zip bone snacks are the treats your dog has been craving! They have the right size for repeat snacks, and a natural scent that lures him from far, and keeps him active while training. Besides being optimally sized, these treats are savory and healthy, and he can have several in a day.
    The recipe includes small peptide proteins, they are easily digestible and strengthen his immunity. The minerals and vitamins help complete these amazing treats and help meet your pet’s other nutritional requirements.
  • 270g Milk Flavor V-Lucky Bone Dog Treats
    Brief: Our puppy snacks are a natural composition, prepared to keep him healthy, happy and satisfied. They have the right bite size, making them excellent repeat rewards during training, and they are also extremely tasty to keep him on his toes.
    They are made with glucosamine and chondroitin to boost healthy bones and joints, while the combination of minerals and vitamins come in handy by meeting multiple nutrition requirements.