• 200g Small Wisebones Salmon with Lemon for Dogs
    Brief: Here are our Wisebones treats for your dog. They are easy to digest, have no grains and last a long time. This is a healthy composition that constitutes potato starch, which will go easy on the digestive tract, while the salmon taste keeps your dog coming back for more.
    To encourage a healthy lifestyle, the treats have high fiber content and reduced protein.
  • 200g Small Wisebones Turkey with Parsley for Dogs
    Brief: Here is a package filled with tasty, nutritious and long-lasting treats for your furry friend. Our Wisebones pet treats are not only digestion-friendly but perfect for hyposensitive pets as well. The formulation features no grains.
    For a healthy tract, the recipe includes potato starch, while the turkey taste keeps him happy. The fiber and protein also boost healthy living.
  • Small 200g Wisebones Venison with Rosemary Dog Treats
    Brief: Our rosemary Wisebones are formulated to go easy on your pet’s gut, and also boost his health. They are grain free, thus a good choice for the hyposensitive pet, and contain potato starch to boost digestive system health.
    They are incredibly delectable thanks to the real venison taste, while the fiber content is good for his digestive tract.