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  • YAOWO Twist Braid Dog Chews
    Looking for tasty treats? YAOWO Twist Braid Regular treats are mouth-watering chews to consider for your canine. With just one chew per day, your pet gets the deliciousness it deserves!
    As it enjoys the flavors, the chewing action helps in ensuring its gums and teeth are healthier. When it comes to ingredients, these treats contain premium quality elements. Therefore, dogs get only the best composition to benefit their bodies and protect their health.

  • Yaowo Trigonal Rolls-Regular Dog Treats
    Brief: Made with premium rawhide, Yaowo trigonal regular rolls are treats to consider for your pet. They are elegantly and securely packaged to ensure your canine gets flavor and nutrition present in them. They are super tasty, healthy, and fun to administer. Your furry companion will enjoy chewing these!
    They are simple to digest, ensuring your pet’s gut does not strain or face any discomfort. You can use these treats as rewards during training or on other occasions. That trip to the park or road trip can use a treat like the Yaowo Trigonal Rolls.
  • YAOWO 220g Mix Value Pack Dog Treats
    Here is YAOWO’s Mix Value pack including Premium Rawhide treats, formulated with the flavorsome ingredients dogs love digging their teeth into. They are suitable for feeding your furry friend daily!

  • Mixed Value Pack Dog Treats
    YAOWO brand’s premium dog rawhide chews combined with irresistible treats for a savory taste dog can't resist. They are perfect to give your dog every-24-hour for a chew full of health & fun !!!
    500g fmaily pack, all shapes at once.

  • Wrapped Rolls Dog Treats
    Brief: Show love to your dog and feed it the Yaowo Wrapped Rolls. They offer health and fun while promoting a natural chewing action to keep your pet's teeth and gums active. These rolls are gentle on your dog's gut.
    They contain rawhide and make a wonderful treat for training! With the various nutrients used in the rolls, your dog gets more nutrition to keep it healthy.
  • Yaowo Stick Rolls Dog Treats
    Yaowo stick rolls are delicious dog treats that every canine should love. Made with rawhide, these rolls are super delicious and your pet needs only one per day. They are fun to administer, and nutritious, ensuring your dog gets nourished in every serving.
    These rolls give your dog all the chewing it needs for healthy gums and teeth. It gets to exercise its jaw and teeth, keeping it in good shape. Moreover, it is made with high-grade components to safeguard pet health.

  • 220g Medium Braid Dog Treats
    Brief: YAOWO’s irresistible treats are just what your pet needs for health. These are not only healthy treats but delicious too, with premium Rawhide as part of the ingredients. They are ideal for a once-a-day chew, to keep him busy, happy and healthy!

  • YAOWO Dog Chewy Bones 220g, Small
    YAOWO’s chew-friendly bones are delicious and healthy treats that your dog won’t be able to resist. These rawhide chews are the perfect healthy and savory daily rewards for your dog!