• DENTALIGHT 3" Dent Fresh 360° Toothbrush Dog Treats
    Promote your dog’s oral health with Dent Fresh Toothbrush Treats. With these, you get to keep your pet’s breath fresh and teeth clean. They are also grain-free and chewy so your dog will enjoy biting on them.
    These treats are also highly digestible, ensuring your dog’s gut has an easy time consuming them.
  • DENTALIGHT 360° Dent Fresh Toothbrush Dog Treats
    The Dent Fresh toothbrush snacks are the ideal solution to your pet’s teeth cleaning problems. Oftentimes, it might be difficult to reach the far teeth in his mouth, but with the 3600 toothbrush treats, this won’t ever be an issue.
    These treats are prepared with potatoes for a sufficient amount of starch, while the porous texture helps combat tartar and plaque. On top of that, these treats are healthy and filled with an incredible amount of nutritious ingredients including peppermint for fresh breath, salmon oil for a shiny coat and chondroitin for the promotion of strong joints.
  • 3“ Dent Fresh 360° Toothbrush Treats for Dogs
    This 3600-toothbrush snack is the absolute treat for your dog, especially if you also want to keep his breath fresh. With its 360-degree dental nubs, there is no part of your dog’s dental structure this treat won’t reach.
    With potatoes as part of the ingredients, and a chewy feel that wards off plaque & tartar, your dog will have a fun time chewing these dental treats. Moreover, this is a grain-free formulation, ideal for the hypoallergenic pets. Again, these are digestible treats that will go easy on the digestive tract.
    The main ingredients include peppermint and chlorophyll for fresh breath, flaxseed and salmon oil to maintain a healthy coat and chondroitin and glucosamine to promote joint health.
  • 3600 Dent Fresh Toothbrush Dog Treats
    Keep your dog’s breath fresh and teeth clean with our Dent Fresh toothbrush treats. It is crafted with a perfectly chewy texture that combats tartar and plaque. Additionally, the recipe includes potatoes for added carbs to give your pet extra energy in the playground.
    These treats are also grain-free, with an extremely digestible formulation, perfect for your dog’s gut health.