• Power Stik Dog Chews 14g Small
    Our Power Stik snacks come in three different sizes, and this is a small package. They are an excellent bite-sized reward for your dog, crafted using chicken as part of the recipe, and fortunately do not contain any Rawhide.
    Additionally, these snacks have a natural taste and are entirely digestible, for that completely healthy and tasty package for your dog. They contain no salt or sugar and have no colorants or artificial flavors.
    Choose these snacks and keep your pet active and on his best manners throughout!
  • Small 360g Power Stik Dog Treats
    Brief: Our power Stik treats are the kind of repeat rewards your dog is craving for! These tasty chicken chews do not have Rawhide, are easily digestible and include a natural flavor. Moreover, they have no sugar or salt, for that health boost, and the absence of colorants and artificial flavors makes them stand out!
    They come in three sizes, and whichever package you choose, the benefits are the same.
  • Medium 60g Power Stik Dog Treats
    Brief: Our power stick is an excellent healthy treat for your pet, and a great choice if you want something all-natural with no salt or sugar, or other artificial additives for him. Moreover, they feature no Rawhide, this they are good alternative for Rawhide filled treats.
    Additionally, these treats come with three sizes, though this is our medium package, but whichever size you choose, the benefits are the same!