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  • HOWBONE How Chewy Dog Treats Hip & Joint Support
    Satisfy your pet’s craving for tasty, and healthy treats with our HOWBONE How Chewy snacks. With the perfect ingredients to promote your dog’s health, and a chewy-friendly feel to keep his teeth clean, he will have a wonderful time chewing these amazing treats!
    The recipe includes okra and rose hip, to support hip and joint health, so your furry friend can play more! Besides, if your pet is sensitive, you will both appreciate that this is a hypoallergenic formulation, prepared to keep your pet’s digestive tract comfortable and healthy.
  • HOWBONE How Chewy Dog Snacks 70g
    Our appetizing, nutrient-filled and incredibly wholesome How Chewy treats are the best treats for your dog!
    The chewy feel helps clean your pet’s teeth as they chew; and the soft texture makes it more enticing for him to want to chew more. The ingredient includes seaweed and coconut oil for a healthier coat and skin.
    Also, these treats are extremely digestible, tasty and nutritious.
  • HOWBONE Green Tea Dog Snack Bar
    Treat your dog to chewy HOWBONE Dog Snack, which have a tasty green tea flavor. These chewy snack bars are also great for gum health, helping your pet exercise the jaw.
    They contain few ingredients, so you do not have to worry about filler components. The bar design used in making this snack helps massage your dog’s gums as it chews and enjoys the flavor.
  • HOWBONE How Chewy Dog Snack Milk Flavor Bars
    The HOWBONE snacks for dogs include mouthwatering ingredients and flavors that also have incredible health benefits for your dog.
    Considering these treats are for playtime and training, they include a few ingredients, like calcium and phosphorus to support strong bones and teeth. Moreover, they are a tasty formulation, so much so, your pet won’t want to stop chewing them.