• Training Bite Snacks for Dogs
    Brief: Training your dog is more fun and rewarding when you have treats like these Training Bites. They present such a hearty flavor that your furry friend will appreciate. These snacks are helpful for teeth and gum health and also promote immunity.
    That said, these training bites are made with meat and vegetables, ensuring your pet gets the nutrition it deserves in a safe, well-curated treat formula.
  • Just Pure Dental Stick Dog Training Treats
    Your dog needs Just Pure Dental Stick Snacks. They are flavorful and will have your furry friend all excited. These snacks are chewy and do a good job cleaning teeth and gums for improved oral health for your pet.
    As you keep your teeth sparkling, remember to buy your lovely dog these sticks too for the same reason. They ensure you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to your dog.
    Size: 0.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Chicken/ Customized
  • Star Pieces Dog Training Snacks
    Your dog treats shopping list should at least have these Star Pieces Snacks. They are tasty and well-sized for repeat rewards; you do not have to worry about running out of dog snacks sooner than expected.
    That being said, these star pieces have a delicious scent that will have your dog salivating. They are healthy, nutritious, and a proper choice for treating and training your pet.
    Size: Φ1.5cm
    Length: 0.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Bacon/ Milk/ Mint/ Customized
  • Star Bites 2-in-1 Dog Treating Treats
    Buy your pet our two-in-one star bite treats with the nourishing flavors that dogs like. Prepared with your dog’s health in mind, our meaty flavored snacks include a combination of snacks that will keep him full when training but not too satisfied to keep him dull. The ingredients are highly digestible to uphold gut health.
    Keep your pet happy during training with these incredibly nutritious and healthy treats!
    Size: Φ1.5cm
    Length: 0.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Milk+Bacon/ Milk+Mint/ Chicken+Bacon/ Beef+Mint/ Customized
  • Tiny Chip Dog Training Treats
    Give your pet one or more of these incredibly chewy, delicious and flavorful treats prepared with all the savors that dogs love! The composition includes premium goat milk and a blend of veggies and fruits to promote dental health. Moreover, the formulation comprises multi-minerals for a complete and nutritious snack.
    Your dog will appreciate these tasty and amazingly chewy Tiny Chip treats.
    Size: Φ1.7cm
    Length: 0.7cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Goat's Milk+Carrot/ Goat's Milk+Pumpkin/ Goat's Milk+Sweet potato/ Goat's Milk+Buleberry/ Customized
  • Twin Stix Dog Training Treats
    Grab a packet of our Twin Stix, and keep your dog happy with these incredibly delectable treats, filled with all the ingredients they love.
    Premium goat milk is one of the ingredients to keep his gut healthy, while the fruit and veggie combination promotes dental health. Also, the recipe comprises multi-minerals to meet other nutritional needs. 
    Size: Φ0.7cm/ Φ1.3cm
    Length: 5cm/ 12.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Goat's Milk+Carrot/ Goat's Milk+Avocado/ Goat's Milk+Sweet potato/ 
    Goat's milk + Turmeric & Shiitake/ Goat's milk + Hawthorn & Chamomile/ 
    Goat's milk + Blue Berry & Apple/ Goat's milk + Carrot & Yam/ Customized
  • Ample Calcium Medium Dog Bone
    These are entirely natural treats for dogs, with a small size that allows you to treat him repeatedly. With an alluring scent and healthy ingredients, these treats are exactly what your pet will need for peak performance and overall health.
    With taurine for effective brain development and minerals and vitamins to meet your pet’s nutritional requirements, there is really no excuse not to get these amazing dog treats! Also, for strong bones and healthy teeth, our Medium Bone has plenty of calcium.
    Size: Φ3cm
    Length: 0.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Bacon/ Milk/ Mint/ Customized
  • Mini Bone Dog Treats
    Reward your pet any time of the day with our Mini Bone treats! We have prepared them to be the perfect treats filled with healthy nutrients and a savory scent, that your dog will find irresistible.
    Ideal for training your pet, these treats are not only a delicious reward but a wholesome one as well. The taurine included will promote brain development and eye health, while the added minerals and vitamins will meet your furry friend’s nutritional needs as he plays and trains.
    The Mini Bone snacks make play time both fun and healthy for your dog!
    Size: Φ2cm
    Length: 0.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Bacon/ Milk/ Mint/ Customized
  • Rocker Bone
    Our Rocker Bone snacks are a healthy, wholesome snack with the hearty flavour that dogs love. 
    Crafted with wellness in mind, these ideal training bites help satisfy your dog’s natural instinct keep healthy teeth & gums, and promote strong immunity. 
    Made with real milk and meat, these snacks will drive your dog wild from treat time to training time… and anytime in-between with great fun. 
    The delicious, nutritious and grain free formula is perfect for dogs who love to chew.
    Size: Φ6cm
    Length: 0.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Meat+Milk/ Customized