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Star Bites 2-in-1 Dog Treating Treats

Buy your pet our two-in-one star bite treats with the nourishing flavors that dogs like. Prepared with your dog’s health in mind, our meaty flavored snacks include a combination of snacks that will keep him full when training but not too satisfied to keep him dull. The ingredients are highly digestible to uphold gut health.
Keep your pet happy during training with these incredibly nutritious and healthy treats!
Size: Φ1.5cm
Length: 0.5cm/ Customized
Flavour: Milk+Bacon/ Milk+Mint/ Chicken+Bacon/ Beef+Mint/ Customized


  Low-Fat Composition

  Nutritious treats for a healthy lifestyle.

NO colourant

Soft Formulation

To keep him satisfied during training.

100% natural

Impressive Palatability 

For easy digestion.

About 2-in-1 Star Bites Treats for Dogs

Here are our star bite snacks, the perfect treats to give your furry friend during training. They comprise a two-in-one meaty savor that keeps your dog happy throughout. The contents are easy to digest, so they won’t interfere with his gut health.

They have a soft texture and crunchy exterior, ideal for rewarding him as he trains.



Wheat protein, Fish meal, Oat Fibres, Glycerine, Sodium caseinate        


Technological additives: Monostearin, Magnesium stearate, Brewers’ yeast

Sensory additives: Eucalyptus oil CAS 8000-48-4, Natural flavours, Sunset yellow/ Carmine/ Titanium dioxide/ Chlorophyllin Copper Complex/ Annatto extract






Click here for full product profile          

Analytical constituents:            

Crude protein              


Crude oils and fats      


Crude fibres                


Crude ash                    




Feeding guidelines:   

● This product is intended for complementary food for dog only.

● Feed one treat per day. Not suitable for dogs less than 6 months of age.

● Fresh drinking water should be always available and monitor your dog to ensure the treat 

is adequately chewed.Gulping any item can be harmfulor even fatal to a dog.

● The product may stain carpets and light coloured fabrics.

● Not for human consumption.

● Store in the dry and cool place.