• Two-in-one Knotted Dog Snacks
    Add fun to training with the Two-in-one Knotted Snacks. They are tasty and provide wholesome nutrition for your four-legged friend, fostering gum and teeth health. Your dog will have fun with these treats while also getting the nutrition it deserves for wellness and growth.
    They also enhance immunity, considering the components. These dog snacks contain real milk and meat to nourish your pet at all times. These are nutritious ingredients that support different functions in your pet’s body, such as enhancing strong bones.
    Size: 5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Milk+ Beef/ Milk+ Mint/ Milk+ Bacon/ Customized
  • Our Two In One Twist Dog Stick Snacks
    As you buy dog treats, the two-in-one twist stick is a worthwhile purchase. These sticks are flavorful and offer health benefits for your pet considering the rich ingredients. They are also made with high-quality components to benefit your furry friend.
    You can get these sticks in mouthwatering flavors like mix berry, pumpkin, carrot, and sweet potato. You can be sure your dog will love them for the taste. They are nutritious, fostering eye health and strong bones and teeth in pets.
    Size: 12.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Goat’s Milk+ Mix Berry/ Goat’s Milk+ Pumpkin/ Goat’s Milk+Carrot Flavour/
     Goat’s Milk+ Sweet Potato/ Customized
  • How Chewy Flower Dog Treats
    Brief: Give your pet a taste of our delicious, healthy and wholesome HOW CHEWY Flower, made with the delectable flavors. They are chewy as well, so he will be chewing for a long time, which will help keep his teeth clean and breath smelling fresh.
    Also, the soft inner texture is something your furry friend will appreciate, while you will appreciate the healthy contents that include seaweed and coconut oil to keep his coat shiny and healthy. Get your dog out HOW CHEWY Flower treats; a nutritious, tasty and digestible formulation.
  • Dental Stix, Two in One for Dogs
    Brief: Grab a packet of our Dental Stix for your furry friend; a nutritious snack with a composition that your pet will love.
    With these treats, brushing your pet’s teeth will no longer be a nuisance. Moreover, they have healthy ingredients to help him grow, and boost his immunity. Again, they will keep his teeth clean, with every chew.
    They are prepared using real meat and milk, which dogs really love, which is why they are the perfect training treats! Therefore, if your dog loves to chew, buy him these wholesome and healthy treats.
  • Vital Fiber Well Bar Dog Stick Treats
    Here are our nutritious and wholesome treats for your furry friend, formulated to be just what he needs to support a healthy lifestyle. They contain no grain, just vegetable and fruit for a healthy digestive system.
    Also, the bristles with super tips and cellulose with dietary fiber will maintain clean teeth and a healthy smile. Reward your dog from time to time with our flavorsome and nourishing Vital Fiber Well Bar.
    Size: 7.5cm/ 12.5cm/ 20cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Original/ Orange/ Apple/ Strawberry/ Mint/ Seaweed/ Avocado/ 
    Honey & Fennel/ Pumkin & Yam/ Milk/ Customized
  • Oral Dent Dog Stick Treats
    Maintain your pet’s dental health and fresh breath effortlessly, with your nutritious and savory Oral Dent treats for dogs. They are perfect reward treats during training.
    Size: 5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Cranberry& Yogurt/ Mango& Coconut/ Spinach & Beet/ Strawberry/ Customized
  • Twist Stick Dog Treats with Added Taurine
    The Twist Stick treats are an excellent reward to give your pooch while training; they are nutritious, bite-sized and delicious! Moreover, they have a natural flavor, and are made using ingredients that your dog will love.
    They have a limited composition to keep him active as he trains, and are perfect for repeat rewards so he can have several daily. As for nutritional content, the Twist Stick treats have vitamins and minerals for a balanced and wholesome snack while the taurine will keep his brain growing and sight clear.
    Reward your furry friend with these treats to keep him happy and active!
    Size: 12.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Lamb/ Chicken/ Bacon/ Milk/ Mint/ Customized
  • Digestible Power Stik Dog Chews
    Power Stik is a delicious and healthy reward for your dog. They include chicken as an ingredient and no Rawhide, making them tasty and healthy treats. Plus, they are highly digestible and naturally-flavored.
    To uphold your pet’s healthy lifestyle, these snacks do not even include salt or sugar, and have no colorant or artificial flavor. Fortunately, they come in three sizes, and whichever size you pick, your pet is guaranteed to benefit from all the tasty and healthy nutrients of the Power Stik.
    Size: Φ1.8cm/ Φ3cm 
    Length: 7.5cm/ 12.5cm/ 15cm/ 20cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Chicken flavour/ Customized
  • HOW CHEWY Dog Treats Slice
    A slice of our HOW CHEWY is all the snack your furry friend needs to get that much-needed boost of energy and burst of flavors!
    The chewy feel allows your dog to chew these snacks for a long time, which helps keep his teeth clean and helps ward off tartar and plaque. Also, these are tender snacks that your dog will love biting on, and their tasty scent will keep him properly behaved.
    The ingredients include okra and rose hip which is handy in improving his joints and hips health. Also, this formular is digestible hence ideal for dogs who like chewing.
    Size: 7.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Original/ Customized
  • Nutritious Dog Strip Treats
    These are nutritious dog strip treats designed with the perfect size for frequent rewards. The formulation is savory and has a scent that your dog will sense and love from afar. This combination is perfect for keeping him alert in the playground or training.
    This is a healthy, low-calorie treat that your dog will crave for every day! The ingredients include minerals and vitamins, which promote a balanced nutrition for your pet, while the extra taurine helps with better optical health and brain growth.
    Treat your furry friend repeatedly with our amazing strip treats, and see him get interested in playing and focused when training.
    Size: 12.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Chicken/ Customized
  • Custom Healthy Dog Stick Treats
    The dog sticks are limited ingredient dog treats ideal for rewarding him regularly, thanks to their small size. These treats are not only optimally-sized, but healthy and delicious too. They include a healthy combination of ingredients, including minerals and vitamins, calcium carbonate, and taurine.
    The calcium carbonate promotes strong bones, while taurine works to boost optical health. The minerals and vitamins help balance out these nutritious treats and meet other extra nutritional needs for your pet.
    Keep your dog healthy and happy with these nutritional treats.
    Size: 12.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour:  Bacon/ Customized
  • All Natural Star Stick Dog Treats
    Our all-natural Star Stick treats for dogs are prepared perfectly to meet your dog’s needs. They have a small size, making them the best repeat treats, and also have a delectable scent that your pet will notice from a far and be on his best behavior.
    The all-natural formula is ideal for peak performance and healthy living. Besides, you can feed him several in a day. The included taurine is ideal for promoting eye health and the development of the brain, while the additional nutrients like vitamins and minerals, render these treats some of the best and healthiest you can feed your pet repeatedly.
    Size: 7.5cm/ 12.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Chicken/ Cheese/ Milk/ Mint/ Customized
  • Grain Free Dental Stix Dog Snacks
    Our Dental Strix has flavors that your dog will love; a healthy snack perfect for healthy living.
    Formulated for your dog’s health and wellness, these treats promote healthy teeth and gums, and also boost your dog’s immunity. The recipe includes veggies and seafood as ingredients, these treats will deliver a much-needed burst of energy during training or play time.
    Hence, if your dog loves to chew, get him these grain-free, tasty and nutrient-filled treats.
    Size: 5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Vege+ Meat/ Customized