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  • Stick Rolls Rawhide Dog Treats
    Treat your dog to the delicious stick rolls that will have it salivating! Use the rolls during training and watch your furry friend enjoy your thoughtful taste in pet food. They are delicious and easy to administer, so you will have an easy time and enjoy your time with your furry buddy!
    One roll per day is adequate, giving your pet the nutrition, it needs to stay healthy and strong. You can get these stick rolls in different lengths and sizes, which means dogs of different sizes get the right rolls for them for added comfort.
    Size: Φ1cm/ Φ1.5cm/ Customized
    Length: 5cm/ 12.5cm/ 20cm/ 25cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Customized
  • Knotted Bone Dog Treats
    What better way to treat your dog than with the delicious Knotted Bone Treats! With these treats, your pet gets to enjoy delicious snacks that have low fat levels and support various functions in the body.
    You can get these treats in different sizes. That way, each pet size gets a suitable treat for comfortable feeding.
    Size: 5cm/ 10cm/ 15cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Customized
  • Two-in-one Knotted Dog Snacks
    Add fun to training with the Two-in-one Knotted Snacks. They are tasty and provide wholesome nutrition for your four-legged friend, fostering gum and teeth health. Your dog will have fun with these treats while also getting the nutrition it deserves for wellness and growth.
    They also enhance immunity, considering the components. These dog snacks contain real milk and meat to nourish your pet at all times. These are nutritious ingredients that support different functions in your pet’s body, such as enhancing strong bones.
    Size: 5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Milk+ Beef/ Milk+ Mint/ Milk+ Bacon/ Customized
  • Natural Pettide Bone Dog Treats
    Let your pup enjoy the Pettide Bone. It is easy to grasp and has a natural scent that quickly attracts dogs. Use these bones to train your furry friend. It can also be a good treat even when you are not training it.
    This bone is easy on your pet’s gut, ensuring smooth digestion. It is also easy to administer and comes in a good size to give your dog an easy time handling. Training is more fun with such a bone, which is available in tasty dog flavors.
    Size: 9cm
    Flavour: Milk/ Chicken/ Beef/ Seaweed/ Customized
  • Trigonal Rolls Rawhide Treats for Dogs
    When you need to train your dog, treats like the Trigonal Rolls are a spectacular choice. They also offer nutritional value. Now, these rolls are made with rawhide and have a mouthwatering flavor to suit your pet.
    On the taste scale, you can get them in various tasty flavors like seaweed, beef, and chicken. Moreover, they last long so your canine gets all the chewing action it needs for its gums and teeth.
    Size: 12.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef+Chicken+Seaweed/ Customized
  • Bones Rawhide Chew for Dogs
    With the bones rawhide chew, you get a suitable treat if your dog loves to crush food. It is healthy and a wonderful treat during training. You can get the chew in different sizes and the flavor choices entail beef, chicken, and customized.
    On composition, this treat has quality ingredients, so your dog is safe. Let it enjoy the bone crushing with this flavorful treat that leaves it salivating for more. With the right size and flavor, your pet has found an additional favorite treat in this bones rawhide chew.
    Size: 5cm/ 10cm/ 15cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Customized
  • Our Two In One Twist Dog Stick Snacks
    As you buy dog treats, the two-in-one twist stick is a worthwhile purchase. These sticks are flavorful and offer health benefits for your pet considering the rich ingredients. They are also made with high-quality components to benefit your furry friend.
    You can get these sticks in mouthwatering flavors like mix berry, pumpkin, carrot, and sweet potato. You can be sure your dog will love them for the taste. They are nutritious, fostering eye health and strong bones and teeth in pets.
    Size: 12.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Goat’s Milk+ Mix Berry/ Goat’s Milk+ Pumpkin/ Goat’s Milk+Carrot Flavour/
     Goat’s Milk+ Sweet Potato/ Customized
  • Wrapped Rolls Treats for Dogs
    With treats like the wrapped rolls, your pet not only gets nutrition but also enjoys the flavor and taste! These rolls are made with quality components, offering health and fun for pets. Choose from the different sizes to suit your canine and let it feast on the treats.
    Keep your dog fed and nourished with these fun- to-administer wrapped rolls. They are delicious and contain grain on the list of few ingredients that benefit your four-legged companion.
    Size: Φ2cm/ Φ2.5cm
    Length: 12.5cm/ 20cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Customized
  • How Chewy Flower Dog Treats
    Brief: Give your pet a taste of our delicious, healthy and wholesome HOW CHEWY Flower, made with the delectable flavors. They are chewy as well, so he will be chewing for a long time, which will help keep his teeth clean and breath smelling fresh.
    Also, the soft inner texture is something your furry friend will appreciate, while you will appreciate the healthy contents that include seaweed and coconut oil to keep his coat shiny and healthy. Get your dog out HOW CHEWY Flower treats; a nutritious, tasty and digestible formulation.
  • 360° Dent Fresh Toothbrush for Dogs
    Brief: Your dog's dental health and hygiene is important, which is why we have formulated the 360-degree Dent Fresh Toothbrush.
    This is a snack that is craftily shaped to reach all those tricky sports you might have a hard time accessing using his typical toothbrush. Besides, this snack is not only shrewdly shaped but also healthy.
    It is filled with healthy contents that once combined form a chew-friendly, and nutritious treat. The chondroitin and glucosamine support joint growth and strength, while the flax seed and salmon oils keep his coat shiny and fluffy.
    Lastly, the peppermint and chlorophyll uphold fresh breath that lasts even long after he is done chewing.
  • Dental Stix, Two in One for Dogs
    Brief: Grab a packet of our Dental Stix for your furry friend; a nutritious snack with a composition that your pet will love.
    With these treats, brushing your pet’s teeth will no longer be a nuisance. Moreover, they have healthy ingredients to help him grow, and boost his immunity. Again, they will keep his teeth clean, with every chew.
    They are prepared using real meat and milk, which dogs really love, which is why they are the perfect training treats! Therefore, if your dog loves to chew, buy him these wholesome and healthy treats.
  • Christmas Calendar Dog Treats
    Brief: Dog treats have never been as fun as the Christmas calendar kind! They add a lovely touch to your pet's feeding routine. Why? Well, there are 24 holes; peek inside every one of them and find a tasty treat for your loyal buddy.
    Every window has naturally formulated treats and with one treat per day, you have supply for almost an entire month or more depending on how often you administer the treats.
  • Training Bite Snacks for Dogs
    Brief: Training your dog is more fun and rewarding when you have treats like these Training Bites. They present such a hearty flavor that your furry friend will appreciate. These snacks are helpful for teeth and gum health and also promote immunity.
    That said, these training bites are made with meat and vegetables, ensuring your pet gets the nutrition it deserves in a safe, well-curated treat formula.
  • Twist Braid Dog Treats
    Brief: Made with quality rawhide, twist braid dog treats are savory food for your canine. They contain beneficial ingredients and administering them is fun! As for serving size, one braid treat is enough for the day.
    These treats comprise of quality ingredients, free of grain, and ensure your pet gets nutrition as well. They are safe and simple to administer, giving you an easy time. They are highly digestible and come in various sizes.
  • Fruit & Veggie Blend Cookies for Dogs
    Everyone loves cookies. Even dogs! Gnawlers Dog Cookies are a healthy snack made with a blend of beneficial components for your pet’s health. They present a hollow design, providing a fun treat for canines.
    These cookies contain fiber that helps polish your canine’s teeth. Your pet gets to enjoy nutrition while also ensuring dental health. They are delicious and fun to chew while offering nutrition.
    Size: 5cm
    Flavour: Original/ Orange/ Apple/ Strawberry/ Mint/ Seaweed/ Avocado/
    Honey & Fennel/ Pumkin & Yam/ Milk/ Customized
  • Just Pure Dental Stick Dog Training Treats
    Your dog needs Just Pure Dental Stick Snacks. They are flavorful and will have your furry friend all excited. These snacks are chewy and do a good job cleaning teeth and gums for improved oral health for your pet.
    As you keep your teeth sparkling, remember to buy your lovely dog these sticks too for the same reason. They ensure you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to your dog.
    Size: 0.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Chicken/ Customized
  • Star Pieces Dog Training Snacks
    Your dog treats shopping list should at least have these Star Pieces Snacks. They are tasty and well-sized for repeat rewards; you do not have to worry about running out of dog snacks sooner than expected.
    That being said, these star pieces have a delicious scent that will have your dog salivating. They are healthy, nutritious, and a proper choice for treating and training your pet.
    Size: Φ1.5cm
    Length: 0.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Bacon/ Milk/ Mint/ Customized
  • Meaty Slices Treats for Dogs
    As you purchase pet food for your dog, do not forget to try these Meaty Slices. They are a tasty solution for meaty treat cravings and come in handy during training
    They provide a rich protein source and are low in fat to foster healthy eating for your loyal companion. You get them in a beef and customized flavor that your pet will appreciate. The taste will have it excited every time, whether it is training or simply feeding.