• Medium Oat Bone Dog Treats
    When you have Gnawlers Medium Oat Bone, you are giving your dog something mouthwatering. This is an oat-based treat with all-natural to protect your furry friend from harm. Your dog stands to gain two things from this bone: it cleans your pet’s mouth to foster oral health and promote fresh breath.
    Go ahead and enjoy those hugs and kisses from your dog knowing it has no smelling breath. That aside, this treat is chewy so your dog will have an easy time ingesting it. It is tasty, easy to administer, and safely formulated to protect your pet’s well-being.
  • 2.7”Vital Fiber Brush Dog Treats 8 Pcs, Fennel Seed, Honey, & Kumquat
    Our ready-to-chew vital fiber brush treats are both nutrient-filled, and completely digestive. Formulated using grain-free veggie and fruit combination, these treats are intended to promote your dog’s wellness by promoting digestive health.
    The powdered cellulose and Super-Tip bristles have dietary fiber which is handy in polishing your pet’s teeth. These treats are an incredibly convenient way for your dog to brush their teeth and relish in the savory taste of veggie and fruit simultaneously.
  • 2.7-Inch Vital Fiber Brush Treats for Dogs
    Designed to boost and uphold your dog’s dental health, the vital fiber brush is prepared using pumpkin, mountain yam, and banana, for that perfect veggie and fruit blend. Moreover, it has no grains, hence ideal for sensitive pets as well.
    The fruit and veggie blend ensures a healthy digestive system, while the bristles clean your dog’s teeth effectively, even reaching the farthest teeth. The dietary fiber helps to keep your pet’s teeth tidy, and his smile neat.
  • Vital Fiber Brush 3.7”, 5 Pcs, 85g, Blueberry, Purple Carrot, & Pear
    Our Vital Fiber Wellbar treats are the perfect way to keep your pet on his best behavior. They are delectable treats with fruit and veggies are some of the ingredients to keep your furry friend’s digestive system happy.
    The bristles have dietary fiber, together with the powdered cellulose, and combined they help clean your dog’s teeth.
  • Vital Fiber Brush Treats for Dogs, 2.7" 8pcs 80g
    With an entirely natural formulation; with no grain and artificial colorants and additives, these treats will be gentle on your pet’s digestive tract and boost their general health.
    The ingredients comprise goat milk powder to promote digestive health, while the smooth chew-friendly texture is perfect for your dog’s oral structure. These snacks also have powdered cellulose and bristles with dietary fiber to adequately polish your dog’s teeth.
    Treat your furry friend to some healthy, tasty treats that he won’t get enough of!