• DENTALIGHT 5” Beef Flavor Twist Meaty Dog Chews
    Here are our Twist Meaty treats, perfectly created to meet your pet’s nutritional needs. These are made using flavorsome beef fillet taste, and the recipe also includes prebiotics (MOS), and calcium carbonate.
    The prebiotics boost digestive health while calcium carbonate strengthens his joints. He will enjoy chewing the Twist Meaty treats for sure!
  • DENTALIGHT 3" Dent Fresh 360° Toothbrush Dog Treats
    Promote your dog’s oral health with Dent Fresh Toothbrush Treats. With these, you get to keep your pet’s breath fresh and teeth clean. They are also grain-free and chewy so your dog will enjoy biting on them.
    These treats are also highly digestible, ensuring your dog’s gut has an easy time consuming them.
  • DENTALIGHT 360° Dent Fresh Toothbrush Dog Treats
    The Dent Fresh toothbrush snacks are the ideal solution to your pet’s teeth cleaning problems. Oftentimes, it might be difficult to reach the far teeth in his mouth, but with the 3600 toothbrush treats, this won’t ever be an issue.
    These treats are prepared with potatoes for a sufficient amount of starch, while the porous texture helps combat tartar and plaque. On top of that, these treats are healthy and filled with an incredible amount of nutritious ingredients including peppermint for fresh breath, salmon oil for a shiny coat and chondroitin for the promotion of strong joints.
  • DENTALIGHT 24 Holes, 270g Dog Treats Adventure
    Add some adventure into your dog’s life with our dog treats calendar adventure! They include our delicious DENTALIGHT treats, and you and him can count the days together as he fills up on some yummy treats.
    The treats have different flavors and shapes, with real tasty ingredients that will help boost his healthy lifestyle.
  • 3“ Dent Fresh 360° Toothbrush Treats for Dogs
    This 3600-toothbrush snack is the absolute treat for your dog, especially if you also want to keep his breath fresh. With its 360-degree dental nubs, there is no part of your dog’s dental structure this treat won’t reach.
    With potatoes as part of the ingredients, and a chewy feel that wards off plaque & tartar, your dog will have a fun time chewing these dental treats. Moreover, this is a grain-free formulation, ideal for the hypoallergenic pets. Again, these are digestible treats that will go easy on the digestive tract.
    The main ingredients include peppermint and chlorophyll for fresh breath, flaxseed and salmon oil to maintain a healthy coat and chondroitin and glucosamine to promote joint health.
  • 3" Fruit Diner Tasty Avocado Snack for Dog
    Most pet owners will hear avocado treats and immediately think of high calories. However, our Fruity treats have low calories, with avocado which helps promote a healthier coat and skin. It has an excellent chewy feel which aids in polishing hard-to-access areas in the mouth.
    Luckily, these treats are also digestible, which promotes a healthy digestive system.

  • 3600 Dent Fresh Toothbrush Dog Treats
    Keep your dog’s breath fresh and teeth clean with our Dent Fresh toothbrush treats. It is crafted with a perfectly chewy texture that combats tartar and plaque. Additionally, the recipe includes potatoes for added carbs to give your pet extra energy in the playground.
    These treats are also grain-free, with an extremely digestible formulation, perfect for your dog’s gut health.
  • Dentalight 2.5-Inch Dental Bone for Dog – Small
    Keep your dog’s dental hygiene in check with our Dentalight Dental Bone. One piece daily is sufficient to keep his breath fresh and teeth clean, for a neat, healthy smile.
    With original flavors and ingredients, a tender chewy texture, your pet will have no choice but to love these amazing dental treats. Also, the texture helps to combat plaque & tartar, while this highly digestible formula helps to keep his digestive tract healthy.
    A dental leaf a day will keep the dentist away!

  • Yumm Stick Chicken with Beef - Energy
    Our Yumm stix uses real, low-fat chicken fillet as No.1 ingredient, without corn or wheat or artificial flavor or colorant, carefully selected beef and baked on low heat to cook the meat to ensure safety and excellent palatability.
    The carefully selected beef promises a high-quality animal protein source to help support muscle building.
    This is a perfect and delicious reward that your favorite dog deserves.

  • Dentalight Dental Bone Dog Treats
    Brief: Treats that promote dental health like the Dentalight Dental Bone are vital when shopping. Pick it for your dog and help reduce visits to the dentist. With one dental bone per day, your pet gets improved oral health and hygiene.
    These bones are also delicious, making them super easy to administer. No dog should resist them. Moreover, they have a chewy texture that helps keep them in your pet’s mouth for longer for improved cleaning.
  • DENTALIGHT Tasty Beef & Chicken Flavor Nutri Diner Dog Treats
    The Nutri Diner treats are not only delicious but also healthy for your dog. They come in beef and chicken flavors; thanks to the inclusion of real beef and chicken. The minerals, vitamins and vegetables also help support smooth digestion. This formulation has no artificial preservatives, sugar or salt.
    Also, this is a digestible composition and lasts a long time.
  • 3-Inch Ocean Diner Delicious Salmon Dog Treats
    Treat your pet to a handful or more of our tasty salmon treats! These treats are made of natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients such as Flax Seed oil, Eyebright herb, Vitamin C and Cranberry.
    This incredible blend of nutrients helps to diminish tear stains, boost immunity, and support a healthy coat and skin. Moreover, the chew-friendly texture aids in eliminating tartar and plaque. Besides, this is a grain-free formulation!
  • 5” Beef Flavor Twist Rolls Dog Treats 100g/Bag
    Treat your furry friend to our flavorsome beef/chicken filet rolls enfolded in premium rawhide. With Prebiotics (MOS), and Calcium Carbonate, this healthy snack is prepared to promote a healthy digestive tract and strong bones.
    With their tender feel and delicious taste, these long-lasting treats are all your pet will crave for during playtime!

  • 150g Star Trainers Assorted Flavor Dog Treats
    Get your pet a pack of assorted flavor bites with helpful nutrients and impressive delectability; our Star Trainers treats. They are a great treat during playtime and an even better reward when training.
    The chewy feel and star-shape are handy in combating tartar and plaque. These treats are the perfect way to keep your furry friend motivated during training and happy when playing.
  • DENTALIGHT Mix Flavors Oral Dent Dog Training Treats
    Here are our assorted flavor Oral Dent treats perfect for training your furry friend, and delicious enough to keep him well behaved. They have a pleasantly chewy feel and distinctive design for lessening plaque & tartar accumulation.
    They are great for motivating your pet to focus and work hard during training and even playtime.

  • DENTALIGHT 2.5" Dental Stix Assorted Flavor Dog Training Treats
    Want to keep your dog happy, motivated and well-behaved during training? If so, the Dental Stix snacks are what you are looking for.
    Our Dental Stix are delicious, and nutritious treats, filled with all the hearty flavors pets love! They are star-shaped and have a tender chewy feel, and this combination makes them the ideal choice for fighting tartar and plaque accumulation.
    These are the treats to keep him happy and focused during play time!