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  • Canned Cat Wet Treats
    Our canned cat treats are a great inclusion in your pet’s diet. They have plenty of protein, reduced fat and real white meat, making them the ideal healthy composition for your beloved pet. On top of that, the formulation comprises vitamins and minerals.
    Size: 80g in can/ Customized
    Flavour: Tuna&Crab/ Tuna&Salmon/ Tuna&Anchoviella/ Chicken+ Pumpkin/ 
    Chicken+ Carrot/ Chicken+ Green tea/ Customized
  • Highly Digestible 200g Star Stick Dog Treats
    Upholding your furry friend’s hygiene is now easier thanks to the Star Stick treats. They feature a chewy permeable texture which cleans his teeth and lessens the accumulation of plaque. This texture is also something your dog will love, which is why he will keep chewing for long.
    These healthy treats also have no sugar, and reduced fat content to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Creamy Lickable Wet Cat Treats
    Here are our smooth-textured cat treats, prepared with delectable fish flavor, which will certainly satisfy their cravings. This treat is a health option for your cat and has no artificial flavor or gluten.
    All you need to do is snip, squeeze and pour the treat inside a bowl, or even incorporate it into their meals. Despite how you serve it to your cat, they are sure to enjoy this incredibly nutritious and flavorsome treat.
    Size: 10g in per bag/ 15g in per bag/ Customized
    Flavour: Salmon/ Crab/ Messel/ Chicken and Liver/ Bonito/ Caviar+Fish/ Caviar+Duck/ 
    Caviar+Chicken/ Customized
  • 60g Medium Vege Bone for Dogs
    Our Vege bone for dogs is the perfect alternative for a meaty diet. It is an all-natural diet without any meat, with a distinctive leaf bone shape sporting deep grooves to keep his teeth clean and reach the areas that are hard to access.
    With extra eucalyptus, these snacks help to freshen his breath, while the chew-friendly feel eliminates plaque & tartar effortlessly. Besides, the added vitamins and minerals will help to boost his health as a whole.
  • Meaty Stick Chicken Flavor Dog Treats
    Gnawlers Yummy Sticks are a nutritious alternative for rawhide. They are low in fat levels to keep your pet healthy every time you administer them. They are also high in protein to help keep your dog strong and healthy.
    The chicken flavor is a taste no dog can resist. With these meaty chicken sticks, your dog gets to enjoy nutrition and a mouthwatering flavor as well. The texture is also great for dogs, ensuring they enjoy every bite and chew.
  • Power Bones Small 18g for Dogs
    Your little furry friend deserves Gnawlers Power Bones for a treat. Whether you are training it or simply want to appreciate its companionship, these bones are a good place to start!
    They are rawhide-free and have a tasty chicken flavor. That is not all. They incorporate natural ingredients and flavoring and no sugar to safeguard your pet’s health.
  • 80g Lamb Flavor Twist Stick Puppy Snack
    This is for the pups that love natural treats. They have the right bite size, hence ideal for repeat rewards. This combined with the lamb flavor, will keep your pup active during training.
    The Twist Stick snacks are also healthy training treats, with some of the hearty flavors dogs usually appreciate. The composition includes taurine to promote the growth of his brain and sight health, while the combination of extra vitamins and minerals helps complete this wholesome package of delicious treats for your pup.
  • Power Stik Dog Chews 14g Small
    Our Power Stik snacks come in three different sizes, and this is a small package. They are an excellent bite-sized reward for your dog, crafted using chicken as part of the recipe, and fortunately do not contain any Rawhide.
    Additionally, these snacks have a natural taste and are entirely digestible, for that completely healthy and tasty package for your dog. They contain no salt or sugar and have no colorants or artificial flavors.
    Choose these snacks and keep your pet active and on his best manners throughout!
  • 60g Calcium Milk Bones for Dogs
    Our Calcium Milk Bone is the perfect meal for your dog. It has a soft chewy texture, and it’s bone-shaped to meet your furry friend’s chewing needs, regardless of age. The calcium included promotes healthy teeth and bones.
    Also, our milk bone has sufficient fiber content to support gut health and eucalyptus oil to keep your pet’s breath fresh. The undeniably delicious taste of milk is something your pet can’t resist.
  • Medium Oat Bone Dog Treats
    When you have Gnawlers Medium Oat Bone, you are giving your dog something mouthwatering. This is an oat-based treat with all-natural to protect your furry friend from harm. Your dog stands to gain two things from this bone: it cleans your pet’s mouth to foster oral health and promote fresh breath.
    Go ahead and enjoy those hugs and kisses from your dog knowing it has no smelling breath. That aside, this treat is chewy so your dog will have an easy time ingesting it. It is tasty, easy to administer, and safely formulated to protect your pet’s well-being.
  • Digest More Dog Dental Treats 105g
    With Digest More Dental Treats, your dog not only gets superior oral health but also benefits from total body wellness thanks to their composition.
    The texture is great for your pet and so is the shape of the treat, making it easier for your furry friend to chew. Let your furry friend enjoy the rich, mouthwatering flavor as you train or hang out with treats that are formulated to benefit its being.
  • 105g Dent Defense Dental Treats for Dogs
    As the name suggests, our dent defense are dog treats that deliver excellent oral health, and promote overall health for your furry friend. These aren’t just your typical healthy dog treats, they are also incredibly delectable, with a nourishing blend of active ingredients. What’s more, these treats are designed to have a cleaning shape and texture.
    With the benefits of natural ingredients, the Gnawlers Dent Defense treats are ideal for your dog to enjoy regardless of age.

  • Power Bones Small for Dogs 125g
    If your pet loves the taste of chicken, then he will surely love our Power Bones. They are delicious chicken treats, with the perfect natural composition; with no rawhide, colorant, salt, sugar, or artificial flavors.
    Moreover, they are completely digestible, to keep the digestive system comfortable. Fortunately, they are easy to chew, long-lasting and tasty; the perfect formulation for dogs’ health and wellness.
    Feel free to choose from any of the three available sizes, you won’t go wrong!
  • 90g Medium Calcium Milk Dog Bone
    Our Calcium Milk Bone will support your pet’s healthy living, thanks to the nutrient-filled recipe it is made using. For more convenience, it has a smooth texture and is highly chewy, with an alluring shape, to keep your furry friend’s bones and teeth healthy and in perfect shape.
    The formulation includes a generous amount of fiber to keep the digestive system running smoothly, while the eucalyptus oil maintains your dog’s fresh breath. With a milky taste, this treat is one your pet will love chewing for a long time!
  • Small 360g Power Stik Dog Treats
    Brief: Our power Stik treats are the kind of repeat rewards your dog is craving for! These tasty chicken chews do not have Rawhide, are easily digestible and include a natural flavor. Moreover, they have no sugar or salt, for that health boost, and the absence of colorants and artificial flavors makes them stand out!
    They come in three sizes, and whichever package you choose, the benefits are the same.
  • Small 40g Chicken Flavor Hearty Roll Dog Treats
    Brief: All dogs love delicious, meaty treats and these ones are also juicy. Moreover, they do not have Rawhide so are ideal if you’re trying to avoid the choking issues related to Rawhide.
    To keep his muscles building up, these treats have low fat contents and plenty of protein. Also, his skin and coat will be looking healthy thanks to the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients included in this recipe.
    Besides, the prebiotics will keep the digestive tract happy!
  • Sea Food Dog Snack Fish Flavor 70g
    Here are our fish flavored seafood snacks, perfectly prepared to keep your dog healthy, yet delicious enough to keep him coming back for more.
    They are designed with different shapes of sea creatures, and formulated using salmon oil as one of the ingredients. It helps decrease inflammation, keep the coat and skin healthy, and strengthen his immune system.
    Also, these snacks have a chewy texture but are soft enough on the inside to accommodate effortless chewing.
  • Large 110g Calcium Milk Dog Bone
    Take some time to invest in your dog’s bone and teeth health with our large Calcium milk bone. These snacks are the perfect companion for your pet during play time or training. They are bone-shaped to lure your dog in, while the delicious taste keeps them coming for more!
    They are full of nutritious ingredients including fiber for a functional gut, calcium for strong bones & teeth. Plus, they have a milky taste that dogs usually like.