• 60g Calcium Milk Bones for Dogs
    Our Calcium Milk Bone is the perfect meal for your dog. It has a soft chewy texture, and it’s bone-shaped to meet your furry friend’s chewing needs, regardless of age. The calcium included promotes healthy teeth and bones.
    Also, our milk bone has sufficient fiber content to support gut health and eucalyptus oil to keep your pet’s breath fresh. The undeniably delicious taste of milk is something your pet can’t resist.
  • 90g Medium Calcium Milk Dog Bone
    Our Calcium Milk Bone will support your pet’s healthy living, thanks to the nutrient-filled recipe it is made using. For more convenience, it has a smooth texture and is highly chewy, with an alluring shape, to keep your furry friend’s bones and teeth healthy and in perfect shape.
    The formulation includes a generous amount of fiber to keep the digestive system running smoothly, while the eucalyptus oil maintains your dog’s fresh breath. With a milky taste, this treat is one your pet will love chewing for a long time!
  • Large 110g Calcium Milk Dog Bone
    Take some time to invest in your dog’s bone and teeth health with our large Calcium milk bone. These snacks are the perfect companion for your pet during play time or training. They are bone-shaped to lure your dog in, while the delicious taste keeps them coming for more!
    They are full of nutritious ingredients including fiber for a functional gut, calcium for strong bones & teeth. Plus, they have a milky taste that dogs usually like.
  • 270g Calcium Milk Stick Dog Treats
    Brief: Keep his bones and teeth strong and healthy with our Calcium Milk Stick treats. Your pet is always on the move, whether when playing or training, and feeding him calcium-filled treats is best to support healthy teeth and bones.
    Our Calcium milk Stick is perfect for dogs of all ages, and they contain a sufficient amount of fiber to keep the gut nourished, while the eucalyptus oil works to keep his breath fresh. Moreover, these are extremely delicious treats that your dog will love!