• HOWBONE Mushroom Lamb Training Bite for Dogs
    Training is more fun with dog bites like the HOWBONE Mushroom Lamb Bites. They are made with real meat and vegetables, providing a mouthwatering, healthy treat for your four-legged friend.
    You can also give it the bites at other times apart from training. These bites are delicious, safe for dogs, and come in an elegant jar.
  • HOWBONE Training Bite Dog Snack with Pawpaw, Coconut & Chicken
    This is a 200g package of nutrient-packed dog snacks made from healthy and hearty savor your pet will appreciate. These snacks are made from natural ingredients with the priority being to promote dental health and boost your dog’s immunity.
    These treats are made using meat and real fruit, to give your pet a burst of energy, any time of the day. Also, there is no grain in this formulation, so it’s perfect even for the pet with a sensitive tummy.
    Let your pet go wild from time to time with our incredibly savory training bites.
  • HOWBONE Vege & Sea Food Dog Training Bites
    Available in an elegant jar, these Dental Sticks are a worthwhile purchase for your dog’s teeth and gum health. They contain limited ingredients for the benefit of pets and offer an amazing flavor for your furry friend.
    These dental stick training bites are wonderful for training your four-legged buddy and help keep it strong with enhanced immunity. The vegetable and seafood combo provides nutrition for dogs, promoting overall well-being.
  • HOWBONE Dog Snack Dental Stix with Meaty Blend Flavor & Milk
    Our Dental Stix are the perfect treats for your dog! They help clean teeth and make your pet’s breath fresh through their nubs and ridges. Also, thanks to the highly soluble ingredients, these treats are good for gut health.
    The Dental Stix also promotes strong gums and teeth and boosts his immunity. Made with milk and meat, your pet will have a wonderful time relishing in these treats. Besides, the ingredients are ideal for training time, thanks to the calcium and proteins to promote his overall health.