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  • HOWBONE 24 Bags of Goat Milk Powder for Cats
    Brief: Here is our goat milk powder formulation, ideal as a complimentary meal for your cat. It is flavorsome and your cat will love consuming it with their meals.
  • HOWBONE 15g Catnip Cat Snacks
    Our HOWBONE catnip is 100% natural leaves, flowers and stem blend that is an herb in the mint family, they are hand-harvested at the peak of their essential oil condition and carefully dried, trimmed and packaged, they will give your cats a better long lasting experience.
    Safely stimulates and attracts most of the cats of all ages. Sprinkle a bit of nip into carpet, onto a scratching claw mat, use as a catnip replacement to refill a toy, or sprinkle a climbing structure, scratcher or play house to stir things up. Or pluck a pinch on an uncarpeted floor to get the party rolling.
    With catnip, it is a healthy way for your cats to play. It can safely be given every other day; however, effectiveness wears off with constant exposure.
    Give cats a burst of energy! They can’t wait to play with this premium catnip!