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Omega+ Crunchy Cat Treats

Our crunchy, healthy, and flavorful treats for cats are made using white meat. With a crunchy exterior, and soft center, there is nothing your cat will crave for more than these wonderful treats!
Each treat has less than 2 calories, to keep your cat fit. Besides, these treats are the best way to keep your cat motivated during play time.
Size: Φ2cm
Flavour: Salmon/ Tuna/ Chicken/ Customized



  Includes Egg Powder & Fish Oil

  Natural omega to support shiny fur and healthy skin.

NO colourant

With Minerals & Vitamins

For general healthy growth.

About Omegas+ Crunchy

Treats for Cats

Treat your cat to crunchy, delicious and nutrition-filled treats. We have prepared them using white meat, fish oil and egg powder as the natural sources of omega to keep your cat healthy. They are flavorsome, soft in the middle and crunchy outside.

With these treats your cat will never have a dull day during play time!



Chicken, Brown rice, Wheat protein, Wheat flour, Corn protein, Animal fats, Sugar beet, Egg powder, Fish oil        


Sensory additives: Chicken flavour

Nutritional additives:

Vitamins, pro vitamins and chemically defined substances having a similar effect:

7.4mg vitamin A as retinyl acetate, 44.33mg niacin (vitamin B3),36.71mg vitamin E as all-rac-alpha-tocopherol, 3.57mg vitamin B1 as thiamine monoittrate, 33.8mg vitamin B2 as riboflavin, 9.29mg vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride, 0.031mg vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin, 3.4mg folic acid, 0.522mg biotin;

Compounds of trace elements:

160mg iron in the form of ferrous chelate of glycine hydrate, 140mg copper in the form of cupric chelate of glycine hydrate, 150mg zinc in the form of zinc methionine hydroxy analogue chelate, 3.2mg iodine as calcium iodate, 0.85mg selenium as sodium selenite.













Analytical constituents:            

Crude protein              


Crude oils and fats      


Crude fibres                


Crude ash                    




Calorie content (ME Calculated): 129Kcal/100g

Feeding guidelines:   

● This product is intended for complementary food for cat only.

● Feed 15g per day. Not suitable for cats less than 6 months of age.

● Fresh drinking water should be always available and monitor your cat to ensure the treat 

is adequately chewed.Gulping any item can be harmfulor even fatal to a cat.

● The product may stain carpets and light coloured fabrics.

● Not for human consumption.

● Store in the dry and cool place.