What are the best treats for dog training, and why?

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What are the best treats for dog training, and why?

There are many ways to foster good behavior in dogs, including using treats. Treats are the best for a reinforcement training session. Dogs love food and can react and pick up the scent of something delicious as soon as you start unwrapping the gift. But what treats are the best for dog training? After all, there are many dog food brands on the market.

We are one of the manufacturers of high-end food products, including dog chews and treats. Our company has brands like Gnawlers, Dentalight, Howbone, and Yaowo, with over 700 products to delight your furry friend. Here is a look at some of their top dog treats to get your training session going.

Power Bones-Small 360g

Power bones are a healthy treat for a healthy dog. It contains 100% natural ingredients such as vegetable protein, soybean lecithin, cheese powder, caramel colorant, wheat flour, and chicken flavor. These savory chews are 100% digestible and won’t upset your dog's stomach. They are a healthy replacement for traditional rawhide, known to cause issues such as choking and stomach upsets.

They are designed to serve as complementary foods for dogs older than six months. They will not only satisfy your dog but are also engineered to promote strong teeth and bones. Power bones contain no additive sugar. They are also completely free of artificial colorant and flavor.

HOWBONE DOG SNACKS Mini Bone Mix Flavour 270g

Howbone Dog Snacks are a robust, wholesome treat with all the flavors to excite your dog. They are crafted carefully using natural ingredients, including wheat flour, glycerine, oat fiber, and isomaltooligosaccharide. They have also been fortified with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to promote a healthy life—without additive sugar, salt, or artificial preservatives. Howbone dog snacks are good for dogs aged six months and above. They are designed to be complementary foods, not the main meal. Feed your dog one treat per day with plenty of water. Howbone dog snacks promote healthy bones and joints.

Vital Fiber Brush

Wellbar Treat’s Vital Fiber Brush is made with vegetables and grain-free fruit blended ingredients for better digestive health. The cellulose-rich treats are designed like brushes, with rounded bristles that will remove stains and plaque from your dog’s teeth while nourishing them with important nutrients.

Vital fiber brush contains potato starch, pea flour, honey, glycerin, kumquat, fennel seed, rosemary extract, alfalfa extract, probiotics, and peppermint. Vital fiber brush treats are good for dogs above six months of age. They are designed for use as complementary foods only. Just one treat per day, with plenty of water, is enough.

Gnawlers Bone Bacon Flavour 2pcs/card

Gnawlers bone bacon flavor is a 100 percent digestible rawhide alternative made with  natural ingredients such as wheat flour, vegetable protein, soybean lecithin, cheese powder, bacon, and trace elements like potassium. These plant-based ready-to-crunch bones are good for dogs aged six months and above. They are free of artificial colorants and flavors and are great for healthy bones and gums.

SeafoodSnack Salmon Flavour

Seafood snack salmon flavor is the ultimate seafood treats for your furry friend. They are designed in funny shapes that will get your dog curious and salivating. They are rich in salmon flavor for an improved immune system, reduced inflammation, and shiny skin and coat. They are soft and chewy to help massage your dog’s gums and help clean their teeth.

Seafood snack salmon flavor also contains satisfying amounts of potato starch, magnolia bark extract, powdered cellulose, sodium, and potassium. Only feed one treat per day and provide plenty of water. These treats are suitable for dogs above six months of age.

Twist Braid-Regular

Yaowo's twist braids regularly are irresistible treats containing premium rawhide, chicken meal, potato starch, dried parsley powder, sodium caseinate, fish oil, and various natural additives.   Only better-purified rawhide is used to make these treats. They are chewable and wholesome. Give one treat to your dog every 24 hours. Twist braids regularly promote  healthy teeth and gums.


The best dog treats are healthy and wholesome. Our factory produces high-end dog chewable treats to get your furry friend rolling with joy. Try some of the above treats for a productive training session. Also, feel free to check out other products from our brands.