Why is goat milk better for dogs?

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Why is goat milk better for dogs?

Although it might sound strange, goat milk is the most common and consumed milk globally. The latest trend is giving dogs goat's milk in everyday meals. It has become common because of the high amounts of milk nutrients, and some dogs that can't take cow's milk don't experience any harmful side effects using goat's milk.

Plus, it's available in raw form, making it an excellent addition to the dog's diet.

What is Goat's Milk?

Domestic goats produce goat’s milk, and as per the USDA, goat's milk is like cow's milk with several differences:

  • The goat milk has more calcium, calories, and protein than cow milk.

  • It has more probiotics and prebiotics, which offer a healthy balance      of gut bacteria.

  • Goat milk has more vitamin A, potassium, and niacin levels than cow’s      milk and reduced levels of selenium, vitamin B12, and folate than cow’s      milk.

  • Given that it contains somewhat less lactose than cow's milk—a sugar      most humans and dogs find difficult to digest—goat milk may be simpler to      digest than cow's milk.

Goat milk has been found in mouse experiments to reduce cholesterol and to aid persons with allergies, and other inflammatory diseases reduce inflammation.

Several people think that goat's milk is more digestible than cow's milk due to the smaller fat globule sizes in goat's milk. However, most milk is homogenized, which brings the size of the fat globules in both goat's milk and cow's milk to around the same size, unless you're consuming raw milk.

Keep reading to learn the health benefits of goat's milk for dogs.

Is Goat Milk Healthy for Dogs?

There are no proven or disproven, peer-reviewed studies of the health advantages of feeding your dog goat’s milk. Most of what you'll read is anecdotal, based on personal experience or advertising hype from organizations that sell you goat milk.  However, when given to most adult dogs in tiny amounts, pasteurized goat's milk is safe and unlikely to have any adverse effects.

Improved Nutrient Absorption and Digestion

Giving your goat's milk to your pet is a great way to help their digestive health. The globules and protein structure help with digestion, lowering the dangers of digestive problems like bloating, diarrhea, and gas.

With probiotics, these significant microorganisms can boost nutrient intake by breaking down the food particles to ease pet absorption.

Lowers Dangers of Lactose Intolerance.

Pets, as they get older, commonly become lactose intolerant. Thus, most pets suffer side effects after taking dairy products, which often have high lactose levels. However, dogs fed raw goat’s milk are less likely to have intolerance since it’s full of lactase enzyme that counteracts the lactose in dairy.

More Digestible

For several reasons, goat’s milk is more easily digestible than cow’s milk:

First, compared to cow's milk, the fat particles are tinier. These particles are transformed into a soft substance in your dog's stomach, which the intestines can easily digest. It gives your dog 20 minutes to digest the milk.

Second, the enzymes and probiotics in goat's milk help to maintain a healthy balance of good and harmful microorganisms. It indicates that goat's milk will benefit your dog's overall digestion if the pet has a naturally sensitive gut. Goat milk is, therefore, advantageous both during and following antibiotic therapy.

Gain Weight

Most pets that suffer malnutrition, like rescue dogs, recover faster once they consume goat's milk. Thanks to the high quantities of milk protein. Also, the sweet flavor is excellent for the pickiest dogs, such as sick dogs, old dogs, or weaning puppies who first resist solid food.

Take Away

As people say, all great things have moderation. Yes, dogs do well when fed goat’s milk; however, many good things can be toxic. Goat’s milk is an excellent nutritional supplement but shouldn’t interfere with their regular, balanced diet. When you need to supplement daily, stick to around 2 oz or less per 20 lbs.

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