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  • 24 Holes Christmas Calendar Treats for Cats
    Brief: If you'd like to sprinkle a bit of fun into your kitten's life, consider the Christmas calendar treats. They let you and your cat count down each day together. Moreover, there are numerous flavors, and shapes, with real and beneficial ingredients you can be proud of giving your cat.
  • Heart Shape Meaty Delicious Cat Treats
    Brief: Treat your cat to the delicious heart shaped meaty treats. They are uniquely moist and have a soft texture that your feline will enjoy. Moreover, they consist of real meat to give your cat the nutrition it needs for various functions.
    These cat treats are also conveniently shaped for your pet, giving it an easy time when picking and chewing. They are mouthwatering and contain beneficial ingredients to promote the well-being of your cute cat.
  • Goat’s Milk Formulated Powder for Cats
    Cats are just adorable! And, they deserve all the best foods you can offer. Consider giving your little furry friend some Goat’s Milk Formulated Powder. It is nutritious and provides a complementary feed for cats.
    This formulation is closest to breast milk, allowing for easy digestion and ensuring your cat gets the nutrition it needs. It also has a unique blend of ingredients to benefit your feline.
    Size: 25g in per bag/ 300g in bottle/ Customized
  • Meaty Delicious Cat Treats
    Behold our meaty delicious treats for cats; prepared with real fish and white meat. They also have a distinctive shape and soft chew-friendly texture that your cat will love!
    Moreover, this is a grain free composition with no pork and lard either, but includes catnip that your pet will love eating, and will keep them on their toes during playtime.
    Size: 1.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Catnip&Shrimp/ Customized
  • 100% Natural Catnip for Cats
    Here is our Natural Catnip: a formulation that is all stem, flower and leaves combo, so no artificial compositions interfere with your cat’s health. These herbs are sourced from the mint species, and are harvested correctly when they’re filled with essential oils.
    After this they are dried, cut and packed, to give them a long shelf life and your cat the chances to savor them for long. Perfect for cats of all ages, the Natural Catnip formulation is not only healthy but also long-lasting.
    Size: 15g in per bag/ Customized
  • Tender Chewy Fish Cat Treats
    Our tender Chewy Fish treats are the best treats!
    With sea fish as part of the ingredients, these treats are incredibly nutritious, while the cat shape and chewy texture make them look attractive enough to catch your pet’s eye.
    Moreover, these treats do not have grains, lard, pork, for a mouthwatering snack during play time or training.
    Size: Φ2cm
    Length: 0.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Catnip&Ocean Fish/ Customized
  • Omega+ Crunchy Cat Treats
    Our crunchy, healthy, and flavorful treats for cats are made using white meat. With a crunchy exterior, and soft center, there is nothing your cat will crave for more than these wonderful treats!
    Each treat has less than 2 calories, to keep your cat fit. Besides, these treats are the best way to keep your cat motivated during play time.
    Size: Φ2cm
    Flavour: Salmon/ Tuna/ Chicken/ Customized