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  • HOWBONE Snacks for Dogs Mini Bone 270g Mix Flavor
    These HOWBONE Snacks for dogs are nutritious and wholesome, with a handful of the flavors your pet loves!
    Our recipe only includes natural ingredients and extra chondroitin sulphate nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and glucosamine, which promote your pet’s wellness. Besides, these snacks do not comprise artificial preservatives, salt or sugar.
    So, if your furry friend loves to chew, you should try out these highly digestible dog snacks!
  • 2.7”Vital Fiber Brush Dog Treats 8 Pcs, Fennel Seed, Honey, & Kumquat
    Our ready-to-chew vital fiber brush treats are both nutrient-filled, and completely digestive. Formulated using grain-free veggie and fruit combination, these treats are intended to promote your dog’s wellness by promoting digestive health.
    The powdered cellulose and Super-Tip bristles have dietary fiber which is handy in polishing your pet’s teeth. These treats are an incredibly convenient way for your dog to brush their teeth and relish in the savory taste of veggie and fruit simultaneously.
  • Gnawlers All Natural Dog Bones
    Both long-lasting and delicious, the Gnawlers Bone is the perfect snack for your dog! These tasty chews are entirely digestible, and include natural flavors that dogs love. Besides, they do not have rawhide, sugar or salt. Your pet’s wellness is our priority which is why the Gnawlers bone has no colorants or artificial flavor.
    These bones come in four sizes, with nothing but healthy ingredients and savory flavors, so there’s not a chance you can go wrong with the Gnawlers Bone.
    Size: 7.5cm/ 11cm/ 12cm/ 20cm
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Bacon/ Cheese/ Customized
  • Mini & Small Dog Bone Snack
    Our Mini and Small Dog Bones are nutrient-filled, making them an excellent healthy snack. Besides, our recipe includes several flavors that pets love. These dog snacks are prepared using natural ingredients and extra minerals, vitamins, chondroitin sulphate nutrients, and glucosamine for a nice pet-healthy lifestyle. These snacks do not contain any artificial preservatives, sugar or salt.
    Our Mini and small dog snacks are perfectly crafted for the pets who love chewing. 
    Size: 5cm/ 7.5cm
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Bacon/ Milk/ Seaweed/ Customized
  • Vital Fiber Brush Treat for Dog
    Brief: Our vital fiber brush snacks for dogs are the perfect treats to uphold your pet's dental health. These treats are prepared using grain-free veggies and fruit for the promotion of your pet's digestive health.
    The bristles have super tips, and this, along with the powdered cellulose, have dietary fiber, which are handy in polishing your pet's teeth. This way, when your pet brushes their teeth with this snack, they can benefit from and enjoy the delicious veggie and fruit blend. 
    Size: 7cm/ 9.5cm/ 9.5cm
    Flavour: Original/ Orange/ Apple/ Strawberry/ Mint/ Seaweed/ Avocado/
    Honey & Fennel/ Pumkin & Yam/ Milk/ Customized
  • 90g Medium Calcium Milk Dog Bone
    Our Calcium Milk Bone will support your pet’s healthy living, thanks to the nutrient-filled recipe it is made using. For more convenience, it has a smooth texture and is highly chewy, with an alluring shape, to keep your furry friend’s bones and teeth healthy and in perfect shape.
    The formulation includes a generous amount of fiber to keep the digestive system running smoothly, while the eucalyptus oil maintains your dog’s fresh breath. With a milky taste, this treat is one your pet will love chewing for a long time!
  • HOWBONE Dog Snack Just Pure Star Bites 75g
    Nothing beats the crunchy exterior and soft interior of the HOWBONE star bites. These dog treats are prepared with the nourishing flavors that pets usually love, making your furry friend happy and content with every bite.
    The composition includes two ingredients like the meaty flavors pets love and this combination helps to keep him full until it's time for their next meal. The easily digestible ingredients soothe the digestive system, while the low-fat content guarantees he doesn’t get satisfied when training.
  • Dentalight Dental Bone Dog Treats
    Brief: Treats that promote dental health like the Dentalight Dental Bone are vital when shopping. Pick it for your dog and help reduce visits to the dentist. With one dental bone per day, your pet gets improved oral health and hygiene.
    These bones are also delicious, making them super easy to administer. No dog should resist them. Moreover, they have a chewy texture that helps keep them in your pet’s mouth for longer for improved cleaning.
  • Calcium Milk Dog Bone
    Promote your dog’s healthy teeth and bones with our Calcium Milk Bone. Tailored to have a bone shape, this treat is not only good-looking but also healthy. The ingredients include calcium for strong bones and healthy teeth, a sufficient fiber quantity for gut health and eucalyptus oil to keep his breath fresh.
    Moreover, it is a tasty formulation, to keep your furry friend wanting more!
    Size: 5cm/ 7.5cm/ 12cm
    Flavour: Milk/ Customized
  • Star Bites 2-in-1 Dog Treating Treats
    Buy your pet our two-in-one star bite treats with the nourishing flavors that dogs like. Prepared with your dog’s health in mind, our meaty flavored snacks include a combination of snacks that will keep him full when training but not too satisfied to keep him dull. The ingredients are highly digestible to uphold gut health.
    Keep your pet happy during training with these incredibly nutritious and healthy treats!
    Size: Φ1.5cm
    Length: 0.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Milk+Bacon/ Milk+Mint/ Chicken+Bacon/ Beef+Mint/ Customized
  • Dental Bone Dog Treat
    Brief: Keep your dog's dental health in check with our dental bone for dogs. One piece a day will give your pet fresh breath, clean teeth, and a wonderful smile. Our original-flavor dental bone has all the right nutrients to promote your dog's dental health. Also, they have a pleasantly chewy feel, which combats tartar and plaque. On top of that, the recipe for these magnificent treats comprises incredibly soluble ingredients for easy digestion. 
    Size: 5cm/ 7.5cm/ 10cm
    Flavour: Original/ Customized
  • 200g Small Wisebones Turkey with Parsley for Dogs
    Brief: Here is a package filled with tasty, nutritious and long-lasting treats for your furry friend. Our Wisebones pet treats are not only digestion-friendly but perfect for hyposensitive pets as well. The formulation features no grains.
    For a healthy tract, the recipe includes potato starch, while the turkey taste keeps him happy. The fiber and protein also boost healthy living.
  • DENTALIGHT 3" Dent Fresh 360° Toothbrush Dog Treats
    Promote your dog’s oral health with Dent Fresh Toothbrush Treats. With these, you get to keep your pet’s breath fresh and teeth clean. They are also grain-free and chewy so your dog will enjoy biting on them.
    These treats are also highly digestible, ensuring your dog’s gut has an easy time consuming them.
  • Wisebones Grain Free Dog Treats
    The Wisebones treats for dogs are incredibly digestible, grain free and long lasting. This helps them go easy on your dog’s digestive system. Moreover, they are formulated with potato starch, and this combined with the absence of grain, make them the perfect hyposensitive snacks.
    Also, they have real meat taste, which you can be sure will get your dog excited, and eating. Moreover, it helps that these snacks have a lot of fiber, and less protein to boost his health.
    Size: 7.5cm/ 10cm/ 15cm
    Flavour: Salmon with Lemon/ Turkey with Parsley/ Venison with Rosemary/ Customized
  • Our Two In One Twist Dog Stick Snacks
    As you buy dog treats, the two-in-one twist stick is a worthwhile purchase. These sticks are flavorful and offer health benefits for your pet considering the rich ingredients. They are also made with high-quality components to benefit your furry friend.
    You can get these sticks in mouthwatering flavors like mix berry, pumpkin, carrot, and sweet potato. You can be sure your dog will love them for the taste. They are nutritious, fostering eye health and strong bones and teeth in pets.
    Size: 12.5cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Goat’s Milk+ Mix Berry/ Goat’s Milk+ Pumpkin/ Goat’s Milk+Carrot Flavour/
     Goat’s Milk+ Sweet Potato/ Customized
  • 360° Dent Fresh Toothbrush for Dogs
    Brief: Your dog's dental health and hygiene is important, which is why we have formulated the 360-degree Dent Fresh Toothbrush.
    This is a snack that is craftily shaped to reach all those tricky sports you might have a hard time accessing using his typical toothbrush. Besides, this snack is not only shrewdly shaped but also healthy.
    It is filled with healthy contents that once combined form a chew-friendly, and nutritious treat. The chondroitin and glucosamine support joint growth and strength, while the flax seed and salmon oils keep his coat shiny and fluffy.
    Lastly, the peppermint and chlorophyll uphold fresh breath that lasts even long after he is done chewing.
  • Braid
    Braid’s premium rawhide chew combined with irresistible treats for a savory taste dog can't resist. They are perfect to give your dog every-24-hour for a chew full of health & fun !!!
    Size: Φ2.5cm/ Φ3.5cm/ Customized
    Length: 5cm/ 7.5cm/ 12.5cm/ 20cm/ 25cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Customized
  • Bones Rawhide Chew for Dogs
    With the bones rawhide chew, you get a suitable treat if your dog loves to crush food. It is healthy and a wonderful treat during training. You can get the chew in different sizes and the flavor choices entail beef, chicken, and customized.
    On composition, this treat has quality ingredients, so your dog is safe. Let it enjoy the bone crushing with this flavorful treat that leaves it salivating for more. With the right size and flavor, your pet has found an additional favorite treat in this bones rawhide chew.
    Size: 5cm/ 10cm/ 15cm/ Customized
    Flavour: Beef/ Chicken/ Customized